Sarahhearts advent 1

Step 1

Wrap Color Masking Tape around the entire wreath form.

Sarahhearts advent 2

Step 2

Fill each gift box with a small gift, candy, or activity/gift card.

Sarahhearts advent 3

Step 3

Decorate each box using various colors of masking tape and glitter crafting >tape. You can arrange them to create solid colors, stripes, or even use them to >make a bow.

Sarahhearts advent 4

Step 4

Arrange 13 boxes around the circumference of the wreath form. Use loops of Duct Tape to attach each box to the wreath from.

Sarahhearts advent 5

Step 5

Arrange the remaining 11-12 boxes on top of the first layer of boxes, making sure each at least one corner of each bottom box is visible. Use loops of Duct Tape to attach the second layer of boxes to the boxes below.

Sarahhearts advent 6

Step 6

Use an acrylic paint marker to number each gift box from 1-24 (or 25 depending on what date you want your countdown to end). Allow the paint marker to dry and now the advent calendar is complete!