Cut devil horns

Step 1

To get started, make the horns by wrapping two strips of Red Duck Tape® around a plastic headband and pressing the sticky sides together. Then, cut horn shapes.

Duck tape pitch fork

Step 2

Next, make the pitchfork by cutting a pitchfork shape out of cardboard. Cover a wooden dowel with Red Duck Tape®, then attach the pitchfork shape to the dowel and cover the whole thing with red duct tape.*

*Duck® Brand does not recommend the use of duct tape on corrugate for permanent applications.

Cut egg shape out of duck tape

Step 3

Now, we'll start making the egg! Make a sheet of Duck Tape® by layering strips of tape on top of each other on a cutting mat. Cut out a wobbly circle approximately 7 in. across. Make another sheet of yellow tape strips. Use a roll of duct tape to trace a circle onto the sheet, then cut it out and attach it to the center of the white circle.

Deviled egg costume 2

Step 4

Put it all together, and you look egg-celent!