A roll of Duck Tape traced onto cardstock and cut out. Then a small wedge cut out of the circle

Step 1

Trace a roll of Duck Tape® onto cardstock making a 3.75 in. diameter circle and cut out with scissors. Cut a wedge out of the circle and discard.

Circle from last step covered in red Duck Tape with a small amount of overhang on one side of the cut out

Step 2

Cover cardstock with 2 strips of tape and trim away excess, leaving a bit of tape overhanging on one side of the wedge (you'll use this to secure the circle into a cone).

circle from previous step bent around and secured to create a cone

Step 3

Bend cardstock into a cone and secure with overhanging tape.

balloon that has been tied off at the opening and the top cut off

Step 4

Knot the bottom of a balloon then fold in half and cut the top off as shown.

Tied off end of the balloon wrapped around a toilet paper roll at the cut end

Step 5

Wrap the balloon over the end of a toilet paper roll securely, pulling it taut.

toilet paper roll covered in various colors of Duck Tape, tape also serves to hold the balloon in place

Step 6

Cover the toilet paper roll with tape colors of choice starting at the bottom to secure the balloon in place. Set aside.

parchment paper barely overlapping the sticky side of a strip of Duck Tape

Step 7

Make the "wings." Place a piece of Duck Tape about 5 in. long face down on a flat surface. Lay a piece of parchment paper along one edge, covering about 2/8 in. of the tape's sticky side.

Tape sticking out the bottom of the parchment paper from the previous step folded over itself and overlap to match the other side

Step 8

Fold the tape in half, lengthwise so that it sticks to itself, leaving the edges still adhered to the parchment paper.

Wing shapes cut out of the Duck Tape end of the part created in the previous two steps

Step 9

Cut out "wing" shapes for your confetti rocket as shown. The side with parchment will be the side you adhere to your rocket. Make 2 of these for each rocket.

wings attached as explained in the instructions for this step, then filled with confetti and add the cone

Step 10

Assemble the pieces. Fill the inside of the toilet paper tube with confetti, then temporarily secure the lid with small pieces of tape. Apply the wings by removing the parchment paper, fanning open the edges of tape and sticking to the rocket.

Completed Rocket

Step 11

Done! When ready to use, remove the lid, then pull down on the knotted balloon and release to fire confetti.