Step 1

Cut a 10 in. by 2 in. rectangle out of the cardboard along with a 3 in. diameter circle. Tip: You can trace the inside of the Duck Tape roll for the circle.


Step 2

Place the cardboard rectangle on a large piece of parchment paper, and cover with two strips of Duck Tape leaving overhang on all sides. Center a third strip of Duck Tape over the cardboard rectangle for a clean look.


Step 3

Trim away all excess tape from the left side of the cardboard rectangle. Cut away excess tape in the remaining three corners as shown. Trim away excess tape on the right side of the rectangle, making sure to leave 1/2 in. of overhang.


Step 4

Partially remove the parchment paper so you can fold excess tape over the top edge of the rectangle. Along the bottom edge, cut a series of notches, 1 in. apart, leaving parchment attached to the sticky side of the tape. Set aside.


Step 5

Using the same color tape, fold an 8 in. piece of tape in half vertically, and cut out a large ear shape. Repeat to make the second ear.


Step 6

Apply smaller pieces of colored tape to parchment scraps and cut out shapes for the inner ears, nose, cheeks and whiskers. Leave parchment attached to the sticky side of the tape. Assemble ears as shown.


Step 7

Cut a 14 in. length of floral wire and wrap with strips of tape, twisting as you go.


Step 8

Assemble the face. Poke two brads (the eyes) through the cardboard rectangle from step 4 and use them to affix the ears in place on the reverse side. Stick on cheeks, whiskers and nose. Use small pieces of tape to secure the floral wire handle to the reverse side. Cover reverse side with a strip of Duck Tape for a clean look if desired.


Step 9

Remove remaining parchment paper and wrap into a circle, overlapping cardboard about a 1/2 in. Use tape overhang to secure. Place the cardboard circle into the basket and use tape tabs to secure in place at the bottom.


Step 10

Enjoy your finished project!