Duck Tape Easter Egg 1

Step 1

To get started, choose your favorite Duck Tape® colors and create a few sheets of Duck Tape® fabric. Check out this tutorial for the full list of instructions on how to create a sheet of Duck Tape® fabric.

Duck Tape Easter Egg 2

Step 2

Now that you have a few sheets of Duck Tape® fabric, create an Easter egg stencil on cardstock. Then, trace the Easter egg onto the Duck Tape® fabric and cut it out. Repeat this step to make enough Easter eggs to cover the wreath.

Duck Tape Easter Egg 3

Step 3

Now it's time to decorate! Use a craft knife and a cutting board to create different shapes and patterns with Duck Tape® to use to decorate the Easter eggs. For these eggs, Elizabeth created created a zig zag pattern, dots and waves.

Duck Tape Easter Egg 4

Step 4

Next, wrap the wire wreath frame with some duct tape to attach the Easter eggs onto.

Duck Tape Easter Egg Wreath 5

Step 5

Then, create a wreath hanger with Duck Tape® by folding a piece of tape to create a strip, then tying a loop with the strip to attach it to the back, top of the wreath frame.

Duck Tape Easter Egg Wreath 6

Step 6

To attach the eggs on the wreath, fold a piece of duct tape to create a double-sided piece of tape and attach it to the back of the Easter eggs and onto the wreath.

Duck Tape Easter Egg Wreath 7

Step 7

Finally, once you place all of the Duck Tape® eggs onto the wreath, find a space to hang this colorful piece of Easter décor for all to enjoy.