Two hands holding a red roll of duct tape with

Step 1

To get started, cut out a few strips of Duck Tape® and lay them on a flat surface.

Two hands holding placing horizontally connecting two strips of duct tape

Step 2

Next, attach each strip of tape to one another by overlapping the top of one strip of tape onto the bottom of another.

Two hands holding placing horizontally connecting two strips of duct tape on top of each other

Step 3

Once one side is complete, attach another set of Duck Tape® strips on top of each other to create a sheet of Duck Tape®.

Two hands tracing a heart with a black marker on a sheet of duct tape

Step 4

Then, trace a heart onto the Duck Tape® sheet with a heart-shaped stencil that can be made from cardstock.

Four duct tape hearts with a roll of red duct tape

Step 5

Next, cut out hearts to create the 3-D hearts for the garland. Each 3-D heart for the garland will require 2 hearts. For example, if you would like 7 3-D hearts on the garland, 14 hearts will need to be cut out.

Two hands taping double sided tape on a duct tape heart

Step 6

Add some Duck® Brand Double Stick Tape around the edges of one of the hearts. Leave about 3 inches open for stuffing.

Two hands inserting craft filling into the 3-D duct tape heart

Step 7

Attach the other heart to the taped heart and insert the craft filling. Then, secure the open end of the heart with another strip of double-sided tape.

8 duct tape hearts in various colors and prints with a red duct tape garland laid on a white surface

Step 8

To wrap up, cut a thin strip of Duck Tape® from the sheet of tape to act as string to add the 3-D hearts onto and hang the garland on a door, mantle or blank wall to add some charming Valentine's Day themed décor in your space.