Duck Tape Play Tent Materials Needed

Step 1

First, cut the wood boards down to desired length. This tent's wood boards measure 33 in. long, but can be left longer for a larger tent. All measurements are customizable for the desired tent size!

Duck Tape Play Tent 4

Step 2

Next, mark each wood board 2 in. from one end and 1 in. from the opposite end. Carefully drill holes with a drill bit the same size as your wood dowels at each of these marks. The 2 in. side will be the top of the tent and the 1 in. side will be the bottom.

Tent frame

Step 3

Then, slip a wood dowel through the top hole of two (2) wood boards. Repeat on the other side of the wood dowel with remaining two (2) wood boards and slip the remaining two (2) dowels through the holes at the bottom of each leg. Now you have your tent frame!

Duck Tape Play Tent 2

Step 4

Time for Duck Tape®! Cut 16, 36 in. strips (vertical pieces) and 16, 40 in. strips (horizontal pieces) of duct tape. Then, stick them to the sticky side of EasyLiner® Adhesive Laminate and cut them out.

Duck Tape Play Tent 3

Step 5

Finally, attach the horizontal Duck Tape® strips to one of the wood boards, then weave the strip over and under the vertical strips and attach to the other wood board. Make sure to switch your weaving with the following strips. And there you have it, your very own Duck Tape® play tent!