hand print outline drawn on a piece of Brown Duck Tape fabric

Step 1

Make double-sided duct tape fabric using Brown Duck Tape®. Trace the child's hand with a black marker on the fabric.

Hand from previous step cut out. Googly eye, an orange triangle for the beak and a red oval for the waddle attached to the thumb of the hand

Step 2

Cut out the traced hand from the fabric. Then attach googly eyes and the turkey's mouth and gobbler.

Length of wire sandwiched between two pieces of Duck Tape, sticky side facing inwards

Step 3

Create duct tape feathers by placing a piece of wire on a small strip of Duck Tape®. Then, place another piece of Duck Tape® on top of the first piece.

cut the piece from the previous step into a feather shap, so that the wire runs down the middle length wise.

Step 4

Cut into a feather shape, and then make small cuts along the perimeter of the feather to add texture.

repeat steps 3-4 to create various colored feathers and affix each feather to each finger of the hand

Step 5

Follow the same process to make more colorful duct tape feathers, and then attach to the turkey.