Valentine Wreath 2

Step 1

To get started, wrap the foam wreath form with Printed Duck Tape® until the whole thing is covered.

Valentine Wreath 3

Step 2

Next, create 2 pieces of red Duck Tape® fabric. Check out this tutorial for the full instructions on creating a piece of Duck Tape® fabric.

Valentine Wreath 4 3

Step 3

Now that you have 2 pieces of Duck Tape® fabric, print the bow pattern out from the template here. Then tape the 2 bow pieces together along the dotted lines, trace the pattern onto the Duck Tape® fabric and cut out all of the pieces.

Valentine Wreath 5

Step 4

To form the center loop of the bow, attach the center bow piece onto the back of the bow, then loop it around and attach it again on the back.

Valentine Wreath 6

Step 5

Lastly, attach the 2 bow tails to the top of the wreath, then attach the bow on top of the tails.

Valentine Wreath 7

Step 6

For the finishing touches, add heart stickers or mini Duck Tape® hearts. Then the wreath is ready to hang for all to enjoy!