Outdoor Decoration 2

Step 1

To get started, create a present box by cutting 5 equal squares from a plastic board and use Duck Max Strength® Packing Tape to assemble them into a cube with 1 open side.

Outdoor Decoration 3

Step 2

To make the cubes look more like gifts, wrap Duck Tape® around each side so it looks like ribbon.

Outdoor Decoration 4

Step 3

Now comes the most fun part... Making a giant bow to go on top! Start by cutting strips of Duck Tape® and sandwiching them sticky sides together so you have double sided strips. You will need to make the following sizes and quantities:

23 in. long (quantity 3)

21 in. long (quantity 3)

19 in. long (quantity 3)

17 in. long (quantity 3)

20 in. (quantity 1)

Outdoor Decoration 5

Step 4

Next, take 1 double-sided strip cut to length and fold it in half to make a crease line. Then twist both ends to form loopy points. Overlap the 2 ends of the ribbon by 1/2 in., then tape them together. Center the ends over the crease line you made earlier, rotate the ribbon so the tips get pointy with no large holes and then staple through the center to hold it in place. Repeat with all strips besides the 20 in. strip.

Outdoor Decoration 6

Step 5

Next, starting with the largest size, layer the looped pieces of the same size together to form a 6-point star. Use loops of tape under each individual piece to stick everything together. Add the next size down in the same way and repeat until all 4 layers are attached.

Form the 20 in. strip into a big loop and attach it to the center of the bow. Now you have a giant waterproof gift bow for your stack of giant presents!

Outdoor Decoration 8

Step 6

To wrap up, cut a small hole in the top center of the large and medium boxes. Use those holes to run the Christmas light strands through all 3 gifts.