Strips of tape cut to mathc the length of your box, then cut length wise to create 1 inch wide strips

Step 1

Cut lengths of tape long enough to wrap around box lid and apply to parchment paper. Cut some (or all) strips in half, lengthwise, so they are 1 in. wide.

Apply tape from previous step to the box in one direction

Step 2

Apply tape in one direction as shown, mixing 1 in. wide and 2 in. wide pieces if desired.

SStrips of a contrasting color applied perpendicular to those from step 2

Step 3

Apply strips of tape perpendicular to the first set, creating a grid.

Squares of tape used to fill in areas where the strips of tape overlap on the box

Step 4

Cut square and rectangle pieces of tape in from a contrasting tape color to cover the areas where the strips of tape overlap on the box. Apply to box.

thin contrasting colored Duck Tape applied in between the tapes from steps 2 and 3

Step 5

Cut 4 mm wide strips of tape and add to the box where desired.

Previous steps repeated on other parts of the box so that they line up with what you've just done on the lid

Step 6

Using the lid as a guide to match up the pattern, repeat the steps above on the sides of the box.