Burlap rectangles with a V shape cut out at the bottom to create a banner shape

Step 1

Create a rectangle shaped double-sided duct tape fabric with Burlap Duck Tape®. Then cut the fabric into a banner shape; make ten banners.

overlap black Duck Tape to make a sticky fabric, then place wax paper over the sticky side and cut out letters

Step 2

Make multiple pieces of black duct tape fabric and attach parchment or wax paper to the adhesive side of the tape. Then draw the letters for the banner on the parchment or wax paper. Cut out the letters.

Letters from previous step attached to the banners from step 1

Step 3

Attach the letters to the Burlap Duck Tape® banners.

Twine attached to the back top of the banners with Burlap Duck Tape

Step 4

Use Burlap Duck Tape® to attach twine to the back of the banner.

Completed banner

Step 5

Flip over to see your creation! Add Duck Tape® leaves or other fun touches to personalize your banner.