How to Make an Easy Duct Tape Leprechaun Trap

For this project, we teamed up with Ms. B (@typeb_teacher), an elementary school teacher who shares creative crafts and teaching materials.

To get started, gather the following supplies:

And, now it's time to create your leprechaun trap in just a few easy steps!

  1. First, cover your cardboard box in some color. You can use markers, construction paper or, our choice, colored Duck Tape®.
  2. Next, cut open a hole in the center of the box with a box cutter.
  3. Grab your tissue box and transform it into a pot of gold to attract the leprechauns. To do this, all you need is a few strips of black Duck Tape®, some gold Duck Glitter® Crafting Tape and little imagination. (Pro Tip: Write a leprechaun attention-grabbing phrase on the box like, "Free Gold," to make sure the box really catches their eye.)
  4. Then, cut a hole at the bottom of the tissue box in a similar size to the hole that was cut on the larger box. This will act as the trap to catch a leprechaun!
  5. Finally, attach the two boxes together with the two holes connecting and you've got yourself a magical leprechaun trap!
  6. To wrap up, place the trap near or around anything colorful so that the leprechaun can find your pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Best of luck!