Step 1

Cut two 7 in. long pieces of Duck Mirror® Crafting Tape, and layer the sticky sides together. Using regular scissors or fringe scissors, cut a fringe leaving about 1/4 in. of tape uncut along the bottom. Fold and score the bottom 1/4 in. edge of uncut tape—this will help ease the tape around the curve of the headband when you adhere it in Step 6.


Step 2

Apply Duck Glitter® Crafting Tape to a piece of heavy paper or chipboard. Using a template, cut out the star shape with a craft knife.


Step 3

Cut two 4x9 in. rectangles from crepe paper. Use scissors to create fringe down the long sides of each piece, leaving about 1 in. of uncut paper running down the center.


Step 4

Layer the two pieces of crepe paper from Step 3 and glue together with a thin line of hot glue down the center. Fold in half and sculpt into a curved arc.


Step 5

Using hot glue, attach the crepe paper fringe to the top of the headband.


Step 6

Turn the headband over and glue the Duck Mirror® Tape fringe from Step 1 to the headband.


Step 7

On the front of the headband, trim away excess crepe paper fringe so the tape fringe is visible behind it. You may also wish to round the ends of the tape on the sides of the headband as well.


Step 8

Apply hot glue to the bottom two points of the large center star and adhere to the front of the headband. Then, add small amounts of hot glue and adhere to crepe fringe for extra hold.

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