rectangle cut out of a piece of poster board

Step 1

Cut a 26 in. x 6.25 in. rectangle from poster board.

Strips of colored Duck Tape layerd on the rectangle from previous step so that it resembles a rainbow

Step 2

Cover one side of the poster board with Duck Tape® to create a rainbow pattern. Layer each tape color, leaving 1.25 in. of each showing, and wrap excess tape around the edges of the poster board.

Matboard taped as described to the ends of the rainbow patterned poster board

Step 3

Cut two 8.5 in. x 5.5 in. rectangles from matboard, and secure to the reverse side of the poster board with tape. Apply tape on only 3 sides of each piece of matboard, taking care to leave the short sides on the ends, un-taped.

Under side of the poster board taped with a rainbow pattern, same as in step 2

Step 4

Cover the reverse side of the poster board with strips of Duck Tape to create a rainbow pattern, taking care to create a mirrored reflection of the first side. Cut away excess tape instead of wrapping around the edges and leave two open pockets on the shorter sides of the rectangle—these pockets will enable you to attach the base in Step 6.

rectanglular piece of poster board folded at the ends to create a short U shape

Step 5

Create the base of the rainbow by cutting a rectangle measuring 5 in. x 11 in. from the remaining poster board. Score and fold 2 in. from each of the shorter sides as shown.

insert the vertical ends of the previous I shaped piece into the pockets created by poster board and mat board

Step 6

Insert folded poster board base into the pockets on the ends of the rainbow to stand it up.

balloon clouds created by tying together small white balloons

Step 7

Create balloon clouds using 4 balloons. Inflate two balloons and tie together. Repeat with a second set of balloons, and twist the 2 pairs together.

Balloons attached to the rainbow with hot glue

Step 8

Repeat Step 7 to create additional clouds if desired and secure to rainbow with hot glue.