Diamond shaped template with notches cut out of each corner

Step 1

Cut out template from poster board with scissors.

Scored lines going between notches on the template

Step 2

Score along the dashed lines on all 4 sides of the tray (but don’t crease the folds yet).

Each side of the template covered in contrsting colors of Duck Tape

Step 3

Cover each side of the cut-out completely, with two contrasting colors of Duck Tape®. Allowing the excess tape to stick to itself around the edges of the poster board. Press the tape together firmly around the edges so you can see the outline of the poster board shape.

Trim the excess tape off of the template

Step 4

Trim away the excess Duck Tape with scissors.

Template folded along the crease lines from step 2

Step 5

Fold along the creases you made in Step 2, and use small triangular pieces of tape to secure the corners on the reverse.

Tape the sides to create the tray

Step 6

And, you're finished!