Three squares of foam core

Step 1

Cut three 9.5 in. squares from a foam core. Corrugated cardboard or a single 1/2 in. thick piece of foam core can be used instead.

Foam squares taped together with red Duck Tape in a stack

Step 2

Stack the foam core squares and tape around the edges to secure them together to add a finished look to the sides of the board.

square of parchment paper that is slightly smaller than 9.5 inches and wrapped in pink Duck Tape

Step 3

Adhere six strips of Duck Tape® to a piece of parchment paper. Use scissors or a paper cutter to trim down to a square that is slightly smaller than 9.5 in. This tape square should fit nicely on top of the foam board.

Tape the square from the previous step to the foam boards

Step 4

Adhere tape square to the foam board.

Create a 3x3 grid with red Duck Tape on the surface of the foam squares

Step 5

Using the same color tape you chose for the sides of the board, cut an 8.5 in. length of tape and adhere to a piece of parchment paper. Using scissors or a paper cutter, cut tape into four thin, even strips and apply to the board in a grid pattern as shown.

wood tiles wrapped in Duck Tape

Step 6

Cover wood tile with tape and place face down on a cutting surface. Use a craft knife to trim away excess tape. Repeat with eight additional tiles.

X's and O's cut out of Duck Mirror Crafting Tape and applied to the taped tiles from previous step

Step 7

Apply tape to a nonstick cutting surface and use a craft knife to cut out X's and O's. For best results, print the provided template and layer over the tape while cutting.

completed Tic-Tac-Toe board

Step 8

Apply X's and O's to the tiles and get ready for a round of tic-tac-toe!