strip of tape folded length wise to create a short double sided strip

Step 1

Cut a 2 in. strip of tape and fold it lengthwise onto itself. Continue this step until you have about 10 strips (may need more or less depending on the wrist size).

Strip from previous step folded lengthwise again

Step 2

Fold your strip lengthwise.

strip folded again cross ways

Step 3

Fold your strip again.

piece from previous step cut into a lowercase b shape withoug the hole in the middle of the bottom piece. Then cut a notch into the folded side of the bottom part of the b. once unfolded, it should look like two keys facing each other with a hold in the center of each

Step 4

Holding the fold with your fingers, cut the circular end of your key link along the edge. Then, cut the keyhole out of the folded edge of your strip.

key looped through the hole of another key and folded in half

Step 5

Fold one key link in half so the keyholes match up. Then, feed one end of another key link through the keyhole and fold it in half.

after all of the key pieces are added each end is then taped together since it won't be looped through another key.

Step 6

Continue this process until the entire bracelet is complete. Tape the last link together.

hook and loop fastener added to the end of the key so that the last key will loop through the key on the other end of the bracelet and fold over to secure

Step 7

Add a hook and loop fastener to the last link so secure the bracelet around your wrist.