Picture of a Duck drawn onto a piece of paper

Step 1

Draw your picture on a piece of paper. If you need a reference, you can make 2 copies.

canvas covered in blue Duck Tape

Step 2

Cover a poster board or canvas with your base color or print.

Full Duck outline cut out of the picture from the first step

Step 3

Cut out the bigger pieces of your picture first.

outline of the Duck from the previous step traced onto a Duck Tape sheet and cut out

Step 4

Trace and cut out the first piece on a Duck Tape® Sheet.

Puddle shape from the picture in the first step cut out

Step 5

Cut out any other pieces that will be your bottom layer for your artwork.

puddle shape from the previous step cut out of a Duck Tape Sheet

Step 6

Trace and cut out these pieces.

Puddle piece from previous step placed on the canvas

Step 7

Place your bottom layer down first on your canvas or poster board.

Duck outline placed on top of the the puddle piece from the previous step

Step 8

Place your second layer on top of the piece you made in step 7.

Beak piece from the picture from step one cut out

Step 9

Cut out the third layer pieces from your art in step 3.

Beak shape form previous step traced and cut out of a piece of Duck Tape. Place on the Duck outline

Step 10

Trace, cut out and place these pieces on your canvas or poster board.

Eyes cut out of black and white Duck Tape placed on the duck

Step 11

Repeat this technique for the eyes.

Small white crescent shapes placed on the puddle to imitate ripples

Step 12

Repeat this technique to make details in the water.

Small blue Duck Tape circles added to decorate

Step 13

Add more details to your artwork if desired.