stocking outline drawn on a square of Duck Tape fabric

Step 1

Trace a stocking onto a Duck Tape fabric that is 6 in. x 6 in.

stocking drawn in the previous step cut out

Step 2

Cut out the stocking.

Top fuzzy part traced on a rectangle of glitter fabric

Step 3

Trace the top part of the stocking onto a glitter fabric that is 3 in x 3 in.

fuzzy part of the stocking cut out from the rectangle drawn on in the previous step

Step 4

Cut it out.

tape the fuzzy part from the previous step by sandwiching the red stocking in between the fuzzy part and another strip of glitter tape

Step 5

Attach the top of the stock with a piece of glitter tape on the back.

Trim the excess tape from the previous step to get the desired shape

Step 6

Trim off the excess tape.

attatche small bits of Glitter tape at the toe and heel of the stocking

Step 7

Make a double sided strip of tape that is 10 in.

create a small strip of red Duck tape by folding it into thirds. Then bend it into a loop and attatch it with tape to the back of the stocking

Step 8

Form the strip into a loop and attach it to the back of the stocking.