Strip of Duck Tape

Step 1

Cut a strip of Duck Tape®; that is 8 in. long.

Strip from previous step cut into three triangle wedges

Step 2

Cut that strip into 3 triangle wedges.

larger side of the Duck Tape triangles placed on the straw and rolled to make an oblong shape

Step 3

Place a stirring straw on the bigger end of your triangle and roll it onto your Duck Tape® to make a bead.

Repeat previous steps to make as many beads as needed

Step 4

Repeat steps 1-3 until you have as many beads as you want for your necklace.

Beads sections cut off of the straw

Step 5

Cut your beads off of your straw.

string fed through beads to complete the necklace

Step 6

String your beads onto your fishing wire or string. Once complete, you can add a clasp and jump ring to the end or make a knot at the end to secure your beads.