Duck Tape core wrapped in black Duck Tape with a wire looped through the center

Step 1

Cover a core in Duck Tape and, after poking 2 holes into the center with your thumb tack, string a piece of wire through the holes. This is the brim.

Square of Duck tape fabric

Step 2

Make a piece of Duck Tape fabric that is 3 in. x 3 in.

Inside of the core from step 1  traced onto the the sheet from the previous step and cut out the circle

Step 3

Trace the inside of a core on the fabric and cut it out. This is the top of your hat.

Attach the top circle from the previous step to the top of the core and the circle from step 1 to the bottom to form the brim

Step 4

Attach the brim and top to the Duck Tape core.

use small pieces of tape to attach the top and brim

Step 5

With small pieces of tape, attach all 3 pieces together, starting with the brim.

Tape the whole hat with black Duck Tape

Step 6

Continue until the entire hat is covered with Duck Tape.

Glitter starts made from Glitter Duck Tape

Step 7

Trace and cut out glitter stars.

stars from previous step attached to the hat

Step 8

Attach them to the hat.

using the wire that was added in step 1, attach the hat to a headband

Step 9

Using the wire, attach your hat to the top of your headband. Reinforce it with tape over the wire.