Mask shape drawn onto foam core board

Step 1

Draw a mask onto your foam core board. The eyes should be about ½ inch apart and the entire mask should measure 7 in. across.

Mask drawn in the previous step cut out

Step 2

Using your craft knife, cut the mask out.

Small strips of Duck Tape wrapped all the way around the edge of the eye holes

Step 3

Cut small strips of Duck Tape® and fold them around the eye openings.

Back side of the mask covered in Duck Tape

Step 4

Cover the back of the mask in Duck Tape®.

Front of the mask covered in Duck prism tape

Step 5

Cover the front of the mask in Duck Prism®, wrapping the excess tape around the outer edges of the mask.

Strip of Duck Tape wrapped around a straw

Step 6

Cover a straw or rod in Duck Tape® by rolling a single strip of tape onto the straw or rod.

Straw from previous step attached to the back of the mask to serve as a handle

Step 7

Tape the covered straw to the back of the mask.

piece of wire sandwiched in the center of two strips of Duck Tape

Step 8

For the feathers, place a 7.5 in. long piece of floral wire in between two 12 in. long strips of Duck Tape®.

piece from previous step cut into the shape of a feather

Step 9

Using your scissors, cut around the wire to create a feather shape.

small cuts made perpendicularly to the wire in the piece from steps 8-9

Step 10

Make cuts down both sides of the feather.

Completed mask with multiple Duck Tape feathers and other embellishments

Step 11

Embellish your mask using feathers, brads, gems, and Duck Tape®.

Other completed Duck Tape masks and a Duck Tape hat

Step 12

Make other party disguise with Duck Tape® or Duck Prism®.