sandwich bag with three sections drawn on it

Step 1

Divide your sandwich bag into three sections - the first will be 5 in. wide and 4 in. long for the body of the bag and the second will be 5 in. wide and 1.75 in. long for your flap. Mark the rest with an "x."

The three sections from the previous steps cut out with scissors

Step 2

Using your scissors, cut out the first two sections. The part marked with an "x" and one of your flap pieces can be discarded. You will have a total of three pieces left - two squares for the body of your bag and one thin piece for your flap.

Sections of sandwich bag covered with tape

Step 3

Cover one side of each of your pieces with tape.

Small strips of Duck Tape on the sides to create a border

Step 4

Using one in. wide strips of a different color or printed Duck Tape®, tape the bottom and sides of your flap, making a border.

the largest piece folded over itself and taped to create a pocket with a flap

Step 5

Placing your body pieces together like a sandwich, tape the bottoms together with a 1 in. strip of tape. Then flip it over and attach your flap to the back body piece with a 1 in. strip of tape.

tape the sides of the main pouch to create a border

Step 6

Then, tape the sides of your body pieces together with a 1 in. strip of tape. Make sure to not tape the flap down.

Two pieces of double sided strips to create straps

Step 7

For the straps, make two double sided strips of Duck Tape® that is long enough to fit around the pet's leash.

Straps attached to the back of the pouch

Step 8

Attach the straps on the backside of your bag, forming a loop to fit around the leash.

Finished treat bag with hook and loop on the straps

Step 9

Add a hook and loop fastener to your straps so you can take it on and off the leash.