Step 1

Make a large Duck Tape® sheet with two pieces of Duck Tape® Sheets. Line up the sheets so pattern is continuous.


Step 2

Cover the backside of the sheet you made in step 1 with a coordinating color or print. Draw a square from your sheet that is large enough to cover your plant pot.


Step 3

Cut your square out from step 2. Place your plant in the middle of your sheet to make sure it will fit around your plant pot.


Step 4

With your plant in the center of your sheet, fold up the corners so the points are facing up. Use a coordinating mini roll around the plant to secure it all together.


Step 5

If you want to add a hangtag, draw and cut out a hangtag shape from a 3 in. double sided strip of tape.


Step 6

Cut a hole in the middle of your hangtag and tie it to a string or twine that is long enough to wrap around your plant from step 4.


Step 7

Add the tag from step 6 to your plant.

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