Large piece of Duck Tape fabric made by overlapping two pieces of Duck Tape Sheet, being sure that the pattern if any aligns on the overlapped pieces

Step 1

Make a large Duck Tape® sheet with two pieces of Duck Tape® Sheets. Line up the sheets so pattern is continuous.

Piece made in the previous step flipped over. Backside is then covered in Duck Tape

Step 2

Cover the backside of the sheet you made in step 1 with a coordinating color or print. Draw a square from your sheet that is large enough to cover your plant pot.

Cut a large square out of the Duck Tape sheet made in the previous steps, the potted plant is the placed in the center of the square to ensure coverage

Step 3

Cut your square out from step 2. Place your plant in the middle of your sheet to make sure it will fit around your plant pot.

corners of the square made in the previous steps folded so that they face upward. After all corners are folded up, secure with a thin strip of tape around the middle of the pot

Step 4

With your plant in the center of your sheet, fold up the corners so the points are facing up. Use a coordinating mini roll around the plant to secure it all together.

Tag shape drawn onto a piece of double sided Duck Tape and cut out

Step 5

If you want to add a hangtag, draw and cut out a hangtag shape from a 3 in. double sided strip of tape.

string running through a hole cut into the Duck Tape tag made in the previous step

Step 6

Cut a hole in the middle of your hangtag and tie it to a string or twine that is long enough to wrap around your plant from step 4.

Tag made in the previous two steps wrapped around the pot and secured

Step 7

Add the tag from step 6 to your plant.