Completed Duck Tape® Pocketed Wallet


Duck Tape fabric square

Step 1

Make a duct tape fabric piece.

Fabric from previous step folded in half with the sides taped to create a pocket

Step 2

Fold up your fabric and tape the sides to form your pocket.

Small rectangle of Duck Tape fabric

Step 3

Make a smaller fabric that is about 2 in. wide and 3 in. long. Make 6 of these.

Fabric rectangle the same size as the previous step's rectangle, but with a triangle cut out of the top of the rectangle

Step 4

Make 2 smaller pieces of fabric that are the same size as the ones above. Cut out a triangle from the top of each fabric.

Pieces from the previous step attached to the front of the pieces from step 3. Thin strip of tape folded over the top edge of the rectangle from step 3

Step 5

Add your cut outs from step 4 to 2 of the fabrics from step 3. Add a strip of duct tape to the top of the other 4 pieces of fabric.

pieces from the previous step attached to the inside of the wallet

Step 6

Attach each fabric to the inside of your wallet, with the pockets on the bottom.

stip of tape placed at the bottom of each pocket to secure them

Step 7

Add a strip of tape to the bottom of each pocket.