strip of Duck Tape placed on a crafting table

Step 1

Cut a strip of duct tape.

4 squares of Duck tape

Step 2

Cut your strip into 4 equal squares.

4 tape triangles with a sticky side at the bottom

Step 3

Form your squares into triangles, leaving some stickiness showing on the bottom. You will need about 20 of these.

rolled triangle

Step 4

Roll one of your triangles to make your center.

Completed flower

Step 5

Roll your triangles one at a time around your center piece until your flower is complete.

Two flowers and 3 leaves attached to a strap fashioned from tape

Step 6

Repeat these steps for another flower if desired. You can also add leaves. Attach your corsage to a band or a double sided strip of tape.

Completed corsage including hook and loop fastener on the ends of the band

Step 7

Add a strip of hook and loop fastener to the ends of your strip.