Upside down U shape drawn on the bottom of the side of the box to form a flap

Step 1

Draw three lines to make a flap on the front of your box.

Slits cut in the lines from the previous step

Step 2

Cut along the lines.

Box covered in Duck Tape

Step 3

Cover your box and flap with Duck Tape®.

Sides of the flap taped to the box to form a small trough

Step 4

Attach two Duck Tape squares to the sides of your flap to secure it to the box.

Cylinder shape covered in Green Duck Tape

Step 5

Make the stem of your pumpkin. You can cover an existing material or form a double sided strip of tape into a loop and attach a circle on the top.

7 green Duck Tape triangles

Step 6

Cut out Duck Tape triangles.

eyes and nose cut from black Duck Tape

Step 7

Cut out the face for your pumpkin.

Long and very thin strips of Duck Tape

Step 8

Cut out long strips of tape.

Step attached to the top of the box, strips from step 8 attached vertically around the pumpkin, and the face cut outs added to the front

Step 9

Place your cut outs from steps 5-8 to the front of the box. Attach your stem using the triangles and arrange your strips of tape to form the shape of your pumpkin.