2 strips of Duck Tape overlapped to create a sticky fabric

Step 1

Lay out 2 strips of Duck Tape®.

2 strips of cork tape placed across the tape from the previous step in the opposite direction

Step 2

Place your strips sticky side up and lay out 2 strips of cork tape.

excess Duck Tape and Cork Tape trimmed off to form a square

Step 3

Trim off the excess tape so you have a square.

Circle drawn on the square from the previous step. Circle is then cut out.

Step 4

Draw and cut out a circle.

Half circle drawn onto a strip of Duck Tape

Step 5

Trace half of your circle on a strip of Duck Tape®.

Half circle from previous step cut out.

Step 6

Cut out your half circle.

Half circle from previous step placed onto the cork circle from step 4

Step 7

Place your half circle onto the front of your coaster.

Various patterns and designs on other coasters for inspiration

Step 8

Use these steps to create your own designs on your coasters.