Foam core board covered in wood pattern Duck Tape

Step 1

Cut a strip of foam core board the length you want and cover it completely with Duck Tape®. Make 7 of these.

5 boards placed parallel to each other with two boards taped perpendicularly across the back of the 5 boards to hold them together

Step 2

Line 5 boards next to each other and tape the 2 other boards alongside the back of the boards.

Small black Duck Tape circles plced on the front of the boards to look like nails in the wood

Step 3

Cut out black dots out of Duck Tape®. Place these along the front of your board.

Double sided strips of Duck Tape made by folding a piece of tape over itself crossways

Step 4

Make 4 double sided strips of tape that are the length of your board.

Corners of the strips made in the previous steps rounded off and a brad placed through the center of the tip of the strap

Step 5

Round off the corners of your strips and place a brad on each side of the strip.

Strips made in the previous step attached to the center of the boards made in steps 1-3

Step 6

Attach the strips to the board with your brads.