Double sided Duck Tape fabric made by overlapping strips of Duck Tape into a sheet and placing sticky side to sticky side with an identical sheet

Step 1

Make a duct tape fabric piece that is the length you want for your pencil pouch.

Double sided Douck tape strips made by laying the sticky side of two strips against each other

Step 2

Make at least six duct tape fabric pieces that are slightly wider and longer than two of your markers/pens/pencils.

Strips from previous step attached to the roll with more Duck Tape that matches the tape from step 1

Step 3

Attach your strips to the inside of your pencil pouch.

previous step repeated until there are 6 pen holders

Step 4

Continue until you have all 6 spaced out the way you want it. Add your markers.

long and thin double sided strip of Duck Tape made by folding a strip of Duck Tape length wise

Step 5

Make a long, double sided strip of tape.

strip from previous step cut almost all of the way down the middle so that there is a y shape

Step 6

Cut your strip in half, but do not cut all the way through.

Forked strip from previous step attached to one end of the roll so that it can be used to secure the wrap

Step 7

Attach your strip to the end of your pencil pouch. This will be used to tie up your pencil pouch.