Strip of pattern Duck Tape

Step 1

To make the petals for your rose, cut several strips of 2 in. long Duck Tape® squares.

Square from previous step folded nearly corner to corner with an L shaped patch of sticky side exposed

Step 2

Fold one edge of the strip sticky side up, leaving some stickiness on the side and bottom.

Triangle from previous step folded edge to edge to create a triangle with a sticky rectangle at the bottom

Step 3

Take the other edge and fold it over, leaving only the bottom of the strip sticky.

30 petals identical to the one made in the previous steps

Step 4

Repeat steps 1-3 to make your other petals. Depending on how large or small you want your flower to be, you will need around 30 petals.

Petals formed into the shape of a rose

Step 5

Tightly toll one of your petals; this will be your center. Then, continue to wrap all of your petals around your center. (refer to "How to Make a Duck Tape® Rose" for more details)

4 roses identical to the one created in the previous step

Step 6

Repeat steps 1-5 for your other flowers. Make different sizes, colors or prints, too!

Double sided strip of Duck Tape

Step 7

For the headband, measure how long you need your strip of tape to be able to fit around your head. Make a double sided strip of tape to this size.

Rose taped to the headband

Step 8

Take one of your roses and place it on your strip of tape. Then, flip it over and attach the rose to your headband using small pieces of tape.

Completed headband with roses arranged and taped into place

Step 9

Repeat step 8 and arrange your flowers on your headband the way you want them to look.