piece of wire wrapped in green Duck Tape

Step 1

Cut a 12 in. long piece of 14g wire and cover in a single piece of Duck Tape®.

Strip of Duck Tape with a quarter of an inch of the tape folded lengthwise and then one of the folded corners folded again across the tape so that there is a quarter of an inch of sticky side on the opposite side

Step 2

Cut a 3 in. long piece of Duck Tape®. With the sticky side facing up, fold the top a fourth of an inch down and then fold over the right corner about three fourths the way.

piece made in the previous step wrapped around the top of the stem made in step 1 with the doubled over side facing outward

Step 3

Wrap the piece you made in step 2 around the top of the stem you made in step 1.

piece of wire placed perpendicularly in the center of a piece of Duck Tape

Step 4

For the petals, lay a piece of Duck Tape® that is 2.5 in. long sticky side up and place a piece of floral wire that is 1.75 in. long in the center.

Another piece of Duck Tape placed over the previous steps piece so that you sandwich the wire between the pieces with a small amount of sticky side sticking out the long side of the rectangle of tape

Step 5

Place another 2.5 in. long piece of tape on top of the piece from step 4, leaving about a fourth of an inch of the sticky side showing at the bottom.

petal made in the previous step cut into a dome shape where the wire faces outward toward the top of the dome

Step 6

Using scissors, round off the top edge to finish the petal. Repeat steps 4-6 to create 20 petals total.

petals wrapped around the top of the piece of wire so that the sticky strip on the bottom of the petal faces toward the rest of the stem

Step 7

Use the bottom sticky part of the petal to adhere petals around the top of the stem.

previous steps repeated until there are enough petals wrapped around each other to form a rose

Step 8

Continue to add petals until you are happy with the fullness of the rose.