Duct Tape fabric

Step 1

Make a Duck Tape® fabric piece that is 5 in. long and 5 in. wide.

Two wedges cut from the fabric from step 1

Step 2

Out of your fabric from step 1, measure and cut out two matching wedges. Your trapezoid shape should be 1 in. long on one end and 3 in. long on the other end.

Duck Tape fabric

Step 3

Make a Duck Tape® fabric piece that is is 13 in. long and 11 in wide.

Duck tape wedges placed on Fabric from previous step

Step 4

Take your fabric from step 3 and place it so your 11 in. sides are on the top and the bottom. Place the wide end of your wedges at the bottom of your fabric and attach them with a strip of tape on both the front and the back of your fabric.

Wedges and fabric being taped together at the sides

Step 5

Place a strip of tape, adhesive down, on the side of the wedge that is still sticking out. Fold the wedge in half toward the fabric so the sticky side of your strip is facing up while folding to the top of your fabric down.

All sides taped together to form the pocket

Step 6

Stick the top part of your fabric to the sticky side up strip of tape, creating your pocket. Make sure there is about 3 in. still showing. Secure the other side the same way.

Completed Duck Tape Ruffled clutch

Step 7

Crease the extra 3 in. over to create the flap for your purse. Add embellishments along the edge of your flap or add your own designs to the outside!