Two squares of contrasting color Duck Tape

Step 1

Cut out 2 in. wide squares in each color or print.

Square from previous step folded nearly corner to corner with an L shaped patch of sticky side exposed

Step 2

Fold over one side so there is some stickiness showing on the side and bottom.

Fold piece from previous step again to create a triangle with a small rectangle of sticky side exposed at the bottom

Step 3

Fold the other side over to make a triangle, leaving the bottom part still sticky.

Repeat previous 3 steps to make 10 of each color

Step 4

Repeat these steps to make about 10 per print or color.

bottom of bulb covered in Duck Tape

Step 5

Cover the bottom part of your bulb with a strip of tape.

Triangle placed on the bottom of the bulb close enough together so that the bulb has three pieces of triangle meeting at the very bottom

Step 6

Begin placing your triangles around your bulb starting at the bottom.

previous step repeated with alternating colors until the whole bulb is covered

Step 7

Continue step 7 until the entire ornament is covered.

Small pieces of tape added to the top to cover any missed spots

Step 8

Give the top a finished look by placing strips of tape on the top.