Zipper of a sandwich bag cut off

Step 1

Cut the zipper part off your sandwich bag. Leave about half inch of bag attached to the zipper part. Do not throw away the rest of the bag.

Two pieces of Duck Tape fabric made by laying overlapped sheets of Duck Tape over each other, sticky side against sticky side

Step 2

Make two pieces of Duck Tape® fabric that measure as wide as your bag and 4 in. tall.

Fabric from step two taped onto the excess plastic from your sandwich bag

Step 3

Tape the fabric you made in step 2 to the zipper from step 1. Repeat for the other side with your second piece of Duck Tape® fabric.

Tape folded over the edges to form a bag from the Duck Tape fabric

Step 4

Fold a single piece of Duck Tape® over each of the open edges of the supply case to close them up. Trim any excess tape.

Rectangular piece of sandwich bag plastic cut out

Step 5

For the I.D. holder cut a rectangle out of the remaining plastic bag that measures 2.5 in. tall by 4 in. wide.

Piece of Duck Tape folded over the top of the sandwich bag rectangle from the previous step so that there is tape on both the inside and outside of the piece. Then tape the rectangle to the bag on the remaining three sides so that it is adhered to the pouch and has a border

Step 6

Cut a 1 in. tall and 4 in. wide strip of Duck Tape® and fold it over the top of the plastic rectangle from step 5. Use 3 more pieces on the sides and bottom to attach it to your case, keeping the top open

Second border placed over the border from the previous step, so that some of the previous border is still showing

Step 7

Add a second border or design.

Strip of Duck Tape folded length wise to form a double sided strip

Step 8

Create a tab to add to your supply case by cutting off a 5 in. long piece of Duck Tape®and folding it over on to itself lengthwise.

Small slit made in the top right side of the pouch. Strip from previous step is then inserted into the slit and taped in place on the inside of the bag

Step 9

Cut a 1 in. slit in the side of your supply case with a craft knife and insert the tab. Use a small piece of tape on the inside to hold the tab in place.