Strip of Duck Tape

Step 1

Cut a strip of Duck Tape® that is the length you want for your bracelet.

Strip from previous step folded in half length wise

Step 2

Fold your strip in half, sticky side to sticky side. Set this aside.

Double sided strip of black Duck Tape

Step 3

Make a double sided strip of Duck Tape® for the spider’s body.

Strip from previous step cut into the shape of a spiders body

Step 4

Draw and cut out the shape of your spider’s body. Set this aside.

16 thin strips of black Duck Tape

Step 5

Cut 16 identical strips of Duck Tape® for legs of your spider.

piece of wire sandwiched in the center of two of the small strips from the previous step

Step 6

Lay a piece of floral wire on the sticky side of one strip and lay another strip on top so the wire is sandwiched in between. Repeat for the other strips so you have 8 legs total.

legs made in the previous step attached to the body of the spider

Step 7

With a small strip of Duck Tape®, attach each leg to the spider’s body from step 4.

legs bent into a curve so that the spider stands up

Step 8

Once all of your legs are attached, bend each one so the spider stands on its own.

Spider attached to the strip made in steps 1-2

Step 9

Attach the spider to your bracelet with a strip of Duck Tape®.

Hook and loop fastener attached to both ends of the strap. Red hourglass shape made of Duck Tape attached to the back and embellishments added to the strap.

Step 10

Attach a hook and loop fastener to secure your bracelet to your wrist. Add embellishments, too.