Half circle drawn on poster board and cut out

Step 1

Draw a half circle on your poster board that measures 5.75 in. wide across the flat bottom and 2.5 in. at the tallest point in the curve. Cut out your half circle.

half circle from previous step covered in white Duck Tape

Step 2

Cover your half circle in Duck Tape®.

Bunny ears drawn onto poster board and cut out

Step 3

Draw your bunny ears on your poster board. They should be about 5 in. long and 2.5 in. wide. Cut out your bunny ears.

Bunny ears from previous step covered in white Duck Tape

Step 4

Cover your bunny ears in Duck Tape®.

Pink Duck Tape cut to be slightly smaller than the previously made Duck Tape ears. Pink Duck Tape ear shape placed inside the larger white ears

Step 5

For the inside, cut a piece of Duck Tape® that is 5 in. long and draw and cut out the inside of the bunny ear. Place it on top of the piece you made in step 4.

Ears taped to the half circle from step 1-2

Step 6

Using a piece of Duck Tape®, adhere the ears to the top of the half circle you created in steps 1-2.

Wooden dowel rod taped to the back of the mask to serve as a handle

Step 7

Tape a wooden dowel rod to the back of your bunny ears.

array of possible mask ideas, such as sheep, chicks and flowers

Step 8

Make other spring masks to go along with your bunny ears!