Arch shape cut out of a piece of poster board, then covered in green Duck Tape

Step 1

For the top of the hat, draw and cut out an arch shape of your poster board that is 4.5 in. long and 10.5 in. wide at the top and 6 in. wide at the bottom. Cover it in Duck Tape®.

fold the Arch into a flared cylinder

Step 2

Bring the edges of the arch together and secure with a matching piece of Duck Tape®.

Circles in the same shape and sze as the opening of the larger side of the flared cylinder from the previous step

Step 3

Using the cone you just made, trace the bigger of the 2 openings on another piece of poster board. Cut it out and cover it with Duck Tape®.

Circle from the previous step attached to the bottome of the cylinder from the previous steps with small bits of tape

Step 4

Using small pieces of tape, attach the circle you just made to the cone from step 2.

Donut shaped piece of poster board where the inner circle is the same diameter of the small circle of your cylinder

Step 5

To create the brim of the hat, trace the smaller opening of the cone on a piece of poster board. Then, make marks 2 in. away from the circle you just traced to make a bigger circle. Cut out the outer and inner circle to make a donut shape.

Donut shape from previous step covered in green Duck Tape

Step 6

Cover both sides of the donut shape in Duck Tape®.

Attach the donut shape from the previous step to the small side of the cylinder to form a hat with a brim

Step 7

Using small pieces of tape, attach the brim of the hat to the cone from step 4.

Strip of Black Duck Tape folded length wise to create a double sided piece of Duck Tape

Step 8

To make the band for around the hat, cut a 7.5 in. long piece of Duck Tape® and it in half lengthwise, sticky side to sticky side.

rectangle of poster board covered in Gold Duck Tape

Step 9

For the buckle, cut a rectangle out of poster board that measures 1.5 in. long and 1.25 in. wide.

Cut two slits into the previous gold rectangle and feed the strap through to form a buckle and strap

Step 10

Cut two slits in the buckle that each measure .75 in. and weave the band you made in step 8 through the slits.

buckle and strap from previous step wrapped around the base of the hat and secured with a piece of tape

Step 11

Wrap the band around the base of the hat and secure the ends of the band together with a piece of tape.

Clover shape traced onto a double piece of light green Duck Tape and cut out

Step 12

Trace a clover on a piece of double sided tape. Cut it out.

Stem of the clover attached beneath the strap with a small piece of tape

Step 13

Using a small piece of tape, attach the stem of the clover behind the band of your hat.

Headband attached to the bottom of the hat with a small piece of Duck Tape

Step 14

Attach a headband to the bottom of the hat using strips of Duck Tape®.