Duckling strip rolled onto a Stirring straw

Step 1

Roll a Duckling® strip onto a stirring straw lengthwise.

Stir straws cut to length so that they are the same length as the width of the frame sides

Step 2

Cut the stirring straw into sections that are long enough to fit your frame.

Strips of Duck Tape cut to length so that they will cover each side of the frame

Step 3

Cut 4 strips of tape, measuring the length of each side of your frame.

Strips made in the previous step placed on the frame sticky side facing outward and secured with more tape around the sides

Step 4

Lay your strips of tape sticky side up on your frame. Secure them down with strips of tape on the sides.

Straw pieces made in step 2 placed on the outward facing tape secured in the previous step

Step 5

Place the pieces from step 2 into a pattern on your adhesive.

Previous step repeated until the entire frame is covered.

Step 6

Repeat this until the entire frame is covered.