Strip of Double sided Duck Tape formed by folding a strip of tape over itself

Step 1

Make a double sided strip of tape that is 3 in. long.

Cut the top two corners off of the previously made double sided

Step 2

Cut your square into a pentagon shape.

Fold the piece from the previous step into an M shape

Step 3

Fold the piece from step 2 into 4 sections.

Rectangular hole cut into each fold of the previously made piece

Step 4

With your craft knife, cut a slit at the bottom of the fold so it cuts through all 4 of your folds. The black lines show where the slits should be.

Large knot tied into a piece of string

Step 5

Tie a knot at one end of your string that is big enough to not poke through the slits you made in step 4.

String from previous step ran through the holes made in the piece from step 4

Step 6

Run your string through the 4 slits.

String pulled tight to scrunch the petal into shape

Step 7

Pull your string so the knot is on the left side of your first petal.

previous petal making steps repeated until there are 6 petals

Step 8

Make a total of 6 petals and repeat step 6-7 to add the rest of the petals on your string.

string pulled tightly to arrange the petals in shape

Step 9

Once all of your petals are attached, pull the end of your string tightly.

excess string cut off and taped into place on the back of the flower

Step 10

While pulling your petals tightly together, cut the excess string so there is only a tiny piece of string left. Tape this piece down to the back of your flower.

previous steps repeate to make more flowers of varying colors

Step 11

Repeat these steps to make other flowers.