Cylinder box covered in brown Duck Tape

Step 1

For the base, cover the cyclinder box with Duck Tape®.

Duck Tape fabric sheet with a heart and arrow through it drawn on the sheet. Then cut out the heart

Step 2

Create a Duck Tape® fabric that is 4 in. long and 5 in. wide. Draw a heart with an arrow through it on your fabric and cut it out using a crafting knife.

Lid covered in light brown Duck Tape. Long rectangle cut into the lid

Step 3

Cover the lid in Duck Tape®. Then, cut a slit that is 3 in. long and 1 in. wide in the center using your crafting knife.

Strip of Duck Tape wrapped around the rim of the lid

Step 4

Wrap a single long strip of Duck Tape® around the sides of the lid. Trim off any excess.

piece of towel roll covered in Duck Tape

Step 5

For the branch, cut off a 1.5 in. piece of your paper towel roll and cover all but one open end of the roll with Duck Tape®.

light brown circle of Duck Tape placed on the closed end of the tube

Step 6

Cut a 1 in. circle out of Duck Tape®. Place that on the covered end of your branch.

Spiral design drawn onto the circle from the previous step

Step 7

Using your marker, draw a spiral on the Duck Tape® circle.

branch made in the previous steps attached to the stump with brown Duck Tape

Step 8

Tape the branch on to the stump using Duck Tape®.