Mask shape traced onto a sheet of Duck Tape fabric

Step 1

Trace your mask onto a Duck Tape fabric that is 4 in. by 9 in.

Cut out the shape traced in the previous step

Step 2

Cut out the mask.

Two stars traced on Duck Glitter fabric

Step 3

To add your design, trace stars on a Duck Glitter fabric.

Stars traced in the previous step cut out

Step 4

Cut out the glitter stars.

stars made in the previous step attached to the corners of the mask

Step 5

Attach your glitter stars to the mask with a small, rolled piece of Duck Tape.

small slits cut into the edge of both sides of the mask

Step 6

Make 2 tiny slits on each side of the mask.

piece of elastic band running through the slits made in the previous step so that it forms a head band

Step 7

Thread a long piece of elastic through the slit, tie a knot on the ends and secure it with pieces of Duck Tape.