Long, thin strip of pattern Duck Tape

Step 1

Make a strip of tape that is about 11 in. long and a quarter of an inch wide.

strip of tape from the previous step rolled with the sticky side facing inward

Step 2

Turn your strip over so the sticky side is facing up. Roll is strip onto itself forming a swirl.

Circle of tape placed on the back of the roll from previous step

Step 3

Place a small circle on the back of your piece from step 2.

Steps 1-3 repeated to create various sized and colored rolls

Step 4

Repeat step 1-3 for other swirls using different colors and sizes.

small strips of tape to attach the rolls together

Step 5

Using small strips of tape, tape all of your swirl pieces together.

Steps1-5 repeated until you have a crescent shape the size that you want

Step 6

Repeat steps 1-5 until your necklace looks the way you want it to.

two double side strips that put together are long enough to go around your neck

Step 7

Make 2 double sided strips of tape that are long enough to fit around your neck.

Strips from previous step attached to the corners of the crescent shaped bunch of rolls

Step 8

Attach the double sided strips of tape to your piece from step 6.