Invisible Tape


Using flat-finish wrapping paper for a subtle or rustic look? Be sure to seal the deal with Invisible Tape for a perfect finish. This non-glossy invisible tape is frosty on the roll and goes on smooth with a matte finish that's writeable too, making it ideal for gift wrapping and labeling.

Crystal Clear


Looking to really make a splash with foil or prism wrapping paper? Use Crystal Clear Tape in tandem for an unbeatable look. Its translucent, gloss-finish goes on extremely clear so your gift always takes center stage. It’s even perfect for challenging wrapping paper like those with foil and glossy finishes.

Easy Stick


Are you a present professional? Advanced wrappers can use Easy Stick® Adhesive Roller to help assemble an elaborate look. This quick alternative to conventional invisible tape features an easy-to-use roller that can be applied in a straight line or curved around corners for those hard-to-wrap items.

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