Foam cone covered in Duck Tape color of your choice

Step 1

Cover a foam cone with Duck Tape®. Set this aside.

double sided strip of Duck Tape made by folding a strip over itself

Step 2

Make a double sided strip of Duck Tape®.

circles drawn onto the strip from the previous step and cut out

Step 3

Trace and cut out circles from your Duck Tape® strip.

circles from previous step taped to the cone with small bits of tape

Step 4

Using a small strip of Duck Tape® on the top of each circle, place them on your cone starting at the bottom.

cone completely covered in the circles made in step 3

Step 5

Repeat these steps until your cone is entirely covered with your circles.

trees of various sizes and colors

Step 6

Repeat these steps to make more trees using different size and shaped cone.

small circles of Duck Prism Tape stuck to the tree to serve as ornaments

Step 7

Add ornaments to your trees with Duck Prism® Crafting Tapes.