Duck Tape Fabric with one color on one side and another on the opposite

Step 1

Make a Duck Tape® fabric that is 10 in. long and 8 in. wide

Double sided strip

Step 2

For the 2 credit card pockets, make a double sided strip of Duck Tape® that is 8 in. long.

Strip from previous step folded length wise and then cut diagonally from corner to corner

Step 3

Fold the strip from step 2 in half and cut out a triangle.

Two double sided Duck Tape fabric pieces

Step 4

For the middle pocket and flap, make two double sided Duck Tape® fabrics that are 8 in. long and 3.5 in. wide. Set one aside.

one piece from the last step cut into a house shape

Step 5

Take one piece of fabric from step 4 and fold it in half. Measure 1 in. from the bottom and cut until you’ve reached the top of the fold. Unfold your fabric and trim off any excess.

fabric piece from last step with the non-straight sides rimmed in Duck Tape

Step 6

Layer the edges with a different color Duck Tape®. This will be your flap.

Fabric from step 1 being folded on both sides

Step 7

Take your fabric from step 1 and fold both sides evenly toward the middle to make your trifold. Firmly press down on each fold and then unfold.

Piece from step 4 being attached to the previous step's piece

Step 8

Take the piece you set aside in step 4. With the solid color down, attach the bottom and sides of your fabric to the piece you just unfolded in step 6.

Flap from step 6 being attached to the fabric from last step

Step 9

Take your flap from step 6 and, slightly overlapping your pocket, take a strip of Duck Tape® and attach your flap to the fabric.

Piece from step 3 taped to the bottom of the main piece of fabric

Step 10

For your credit card holder, take the piece from step 3, line it up at the bottom of your fabric and place a strip of tape along the sides, bottom and in the middle of the 2 holders.

Covering the rest of the Wallet in printed Duck Tape

Step 11

Cover any solid color Duck Tape® with printed Duck Tape®.

Completed wallet, including hook and loop fastener

Step 12

Add a hook and loop fastener to secure your clutch.