Paper bag with the top half cut off

Step 1

Cut down your paper bag.

Inside and outside of the bag from the previous step covered in Duck Tape

Step 2

Cover the inside and outside of your bag with Duck Tape.

Jagged line cut into the top rim of the bag

Step 3

Using the scissors, cut a jagged edge on the top of each side of the bag.

Outline made with thin strips of white Duck Tape going around all of the edges of the bag

Step 4

Add an outline to the outside edge of your trick or treat container.

Double sided strip of green Duck Tape

Step 5

Make a double sided strip of tape that is 14 in. long. This will be your handle.

Tape wrapped all the way around the bag and secured so that the straps support the bottom of the bag when carrying

Step 6

Wrap your handle all the way around the bag and attach it to the sides with a strip of tape.

Words and design elements cut out of various colors of Duck Tape

Step 7

Using your templates, cut out the words and designs you want in your favorite color or print.

Letters and designs affixed to the front of the bag

Step 8

Attach the letters and designs to your trick or treat container.