Long strip of Duck Tape folded in half length wise

Step 1

Cut a 13 in. long piece of Duck Tape® and fold it in half lengthwise sticky side to sticky side. Make 10 of these.

Medium size strips of Duck Tape folded length wise

Step 2

Cut 14 pieces of Duck Tape® that are 9.5 in. long and fold it in half lengthwise sticky side to sticky side.

Strips from the previous two steps woven together

Step 3

Lay your 10 longer pieces going up and down and weave the 14 shorter pieces through horizontally.

2 pieces of Duck Tape Sheets stuck together with an overlap to form 1 larger sheet

Step 4

Lay 2 pieces of Duck Tape® Sheets sticky side up so they are slightly overlapping to create 1 large sheet.

Woven mat laid on top of the sticky sheet

Step 5

Carefully lay your woven piece on top of your sheets. Trim any uneven sides or edges.

Woven fabric folded to create a pocket and secured with Duck Tape

Step 6

With the woven part down, fold the bottom up toward the middle, leaving a flap at the top. Seal your pocket with a strip of Duck Tape® on each side.

Two 10.5 inch strips of Duck Tape and 5 1.5 inch pieces of floral wire

Step 7

For the flowers, cut two 10.5 in. long strips of Duck Tape® and five 1.5 in. long floral wire. Lay your strips sticky side up.

Sandwich the pieces of wire from previous step in between a folded over strip of Duck Tape

Step 8

Place five pieces of wire about 2 in. apart on the sticky side of one Duck Tape® strip. Place the other strip on top to sandwich the wire in between.

Cut strip from previous step into 5 squares so that the wire is in the middle

Step 9

Cut your strip into 5 squares. Make sure a piece of wire is in the middle of each square.

Squares from previous step folded in half with the wire in the seam, and cut into petal shapes

Step 10

Fold each piece in half so that the wire is on the fold and cut a petal shape. Make sure the wire is in the middle of your petal.

Tape the backs of the petals together to form a flower shape

Step 11

Cut small strips of Duck Tape® to tape the petals together on the back of the flower.

Brads holding the at the corners of the clutch and holding the flowers in place

Step 12

Use brads in the middle of the flower to attach it to purse. You can add an adhesive on the flap to secure it down, too.