Duck Tape fabric folded in half

Step 1

Make a Duck Tape® fabric that is 10 in. long and 5 strips wide. Fold this in half to make a rectangle.

tape the sides of the folded fabric from previous step

Step 2

Tape the sides with Duck Tape® to seal the edges. Trim any excess.

Strip of double sided Duck Tape

Step 3

For the handle, make a double sided strip of tape, leaving some stick on one side.

Sticky side sticking out both sides from the previous step folded over the main section of double sided strap

Step 4

Fold over the exposed sticky sides of tape, creating a sturdy strap for your wristlet.

Strip from previous step folded over to create a loop and secured with a strip of tape

Step 5

Attach a strip of Duck Tape® to the wristlet.

Loop from previous step attached tot the top corner of wristlet

Step 6

Secure the strap to the body of your wristlet from step 2 and decorate!